Thursday, August 02, 2007

The Great Learner's Permit Debate

I haven't had a license since 2000, which meant that I had to start the entire process all over again. Why did I even bother, you ask? Because a certain someone (ahem, Tyler) said to me, "If you think I'm driving from San Diego to Baltimore while you sit in the back seat sleeping, you can just forget the whole thing." Yawn, sigh, fine. How hard could it be? As it turns out -- very hard.

I got as far as my learner's permit and then gave up. Apparently so long as I comply with each state's permit laws, I'll be fine. Therefore I will be using the permit you see here to drive cross-country. Yay! And amazingly enough, it also functions as a state ID (so long passport!) and a mugshot in case I'm ever in need of one.

(On a side note: many of you meddlers have already expressed concern/disbelief that this is not within the law, but I assure you it is.)


Blogger Urbana said...

I'd recommend skipping minneapolis for the next two years or you'll have to use a raft to cross the great mississip. Although, you look a little like huckleberry fin, so it could work.

12:38 PM  

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